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Posted by MegaMac - July 2nd, 2013

After a multiple-year hiatus, I've decided to return to Newgrounds...well, more or less. I've created a few new things I'd like to share and what's more, I'm still pursuing voice acting. Having that been said, I'm still eager to assist anyone with any project they have and/or they might feel I'm suitable for. I'll probably upload a couple more demos of a few voices and eventually I'll get around to getting a well rounded, full demo to hawk everywhere.

So, in summation, I'm back to this website in all its majesty. A lot has changed, but clearly it's for the better. Lookin' good. I'm also available for voice projects, as I said. (Check out my Axl Voice Demo, I recently "upgraded" it with my current quality).

Posted by MegaMac - March 7th, 2009

I voiced an animated short recently. Here it is for a quick reference of a youthful, punky type voice. Also, enjoy the flash!

(I also created a similar voice reel portraying "Axl" from the MegaMan X series.)


Attention all producers! I am now beginning a more broad endeavor of my voice. I sing, I narrate things, I act out scenes, try my best to mimic, I often read aloud (mostly just to hone my voice) and now, I wish to commence voice acting for any and all flash movies or games or anything similar thereof. I am trying to pursue a possible future career in the field and I need all the experience and exposure I can get. Gotta start somewhere, nowhere to go but up! However, the quality of my voice and what its worth to you is your verdict. If I am not the one you seek, then that's alright. All I ask is to make a note of my possibilities and availability. I'd be happy for any chance to let my voice be heard, so if you have any interest in my services, do not hesitate to contact me!


Posted by MegaMac - November 23rd, 2008

First blog, regarding an important topic. Voting. I see it all the time. Not just with my material, but with others too. I know I don't have much, unlike some others, but I see it all the same. What I see is blind, stupid voting with scores of 0 out of 5. It seems as if there is not one millisecond gone into righteous thought before voting. I see scores one day which are very high on some great flashes or songs, then the next it is unusually low, obviously due to thoughtless 1's and or 0's. I notice it with my stuff too. One day I get fairly good scores. The next I am horribly bumped down. I give detailed descriptions of each thing I post explaining "why" about this or that. First off, I really don't know what the mighty armchair critics are thinking out there, but they have no capable mind of any deductive reasoning. You know who you are. Some of you do not even post your own things, so before you judge, do something yourself for those of you that think you know so much. I speak on behalf of all creators treated unfairly against any and all assholes out there. Use the gray matter beneath your cerebral cortex. For one day, you may never know when it may be blown out. -_-