Entry #3

Back After All This Time...Maybe.

2013-07-02 01:12:45 by MegaMac

After a multiple-year hiatus, I've decided to return to Newgrounds...well, more or less. I've created a few new things I'd like to share and what's more, I'm still pursuing voice acting. Having that been said, I'm still eager to assist anyone with any project they have and/or they might feel I'm suitable for. I'll probably upload a couple more demos of a few voices and eventually I'll get around to getting a well rounded, full demo to hawk everywhere.

So, in summation, I'm back to this website in all its majesty. A lot has changed, but clearly it's for the better. Lookin' good. I'm also available for voice projects, as I said. (Check out my Axl Voice Demo, I recently "upgraded" it with my current quality).


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